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Get different fruits of one tree

Grafting is a method of artificial vegetative propagation of plants in which a portion of tissue from a plant variety or graft -the proper-is bonded onto another already established -the pattern, rootstock or feet, so that the combination of both grow as a single organism. The graft is used mainly to spread commercial use of woody plants, fruit or are ornamentales.1 The graft is used to allow the growth of commercially valuable strains on land or unfavorable circumstances they take advantage of higher resistance used foot, or to ensure that the productive characteristics of an exemplary remain unchanged compared to the genetic dispersion introduced by sexual reproduction. In the case of hybrids of odd chromosome numbers, which are sterile by nature, vegetative propagation is the only way possible playback. More rarely, the graft is used to attach more than one variety in the same pattern, thus obtaining a single copy which produce fruits or flowers of several different features.


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